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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow 10 Strap On - Flesh 17Bd38
# 348F6296

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow 10 Strap On - Flesh 17Bd38

83 USD

Height: 15.000Length: 6.000Diameter: 5.000Take strap-on sex to the extreme with the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow 10 Strap-on

Height: 2

Insertable Length: 8

Width: 4

Anyone who says size doesn’t matter hasn’t experienced this massive strap-on! Length: 10

This heavy duty hollow strap-on features a 10' long 2.5 thick phthalate-free rubber dong held in place by a steel o-ring and leather harness

Diameter: 1.99

Girth: 6.25

Made of PVC and Leather.

A long hollow plastic tube measuring 1 in diameter is placed inside the rubber dong making it perfect for both sexes to wear

The comfortable leather harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes while the durable metal O-rings hold everything together

81 100