Brittany Howard’s ‘Jaime’ is a Personal, Political Soul Exploration
Brittany Howard is a Southern rock & roll radical with a centuries-deep sense of history and some inspiring ideas about how to reshape it to fit our moment. As the lead singer and guitarist for the ...

The Surprising Difference Between Good Teams And Great Teams: Commitment To Personal Growth
You could hear the joy in Francesca’s voice as she told us about her first day on the job. After eight years of working in a European office for a consultancy firm, she relocated to the company’s Peru ...

Rep. Susan Wild shares personal grief to raise suicide prevention awareness
In a speech on the House floor in June, Democratic Congresswoman Susan Wild of Pennsylvania shared the personal story of her life partner's suicide earlier this year.Sept. 18, 2019 ...

Amazon puts another bookstore out of business, but this one’s personal
I need a card and a little gift for my nephew’s birthday. Where to go, where to go? My go-to place in the Hunt Valley Mall is sadly out of business. So, I resort to the messy card aisle in a (best ...

JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are investing in a personal finance management app for children
JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo joined a $54 million Series B round for Greenlight, a children-focused personal finance management startup.

Comforter Lift Chair - Small 59D7F0
# 5Ef910211

Comforter Lift Chair - Small 59D7F0

1 269 USD

The Golden Technologies Comforter Small Lift Chair/Recliner sports a timeless style and comfort and is the ideal choice when small space is the priority

The Comforter Series' 10 sizes allow you to tailor fit the lift/recliner to your unique specific needs.

The plush design of this comforter lift chair/recliner provides exceptional lumbar support while the full chaise lounge styling ensures total body comfort

96 100