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Cleartex Deep Pile Polycarbonate Chairmat F7680F
# 97Ad1537

Cleartex Deep Pile Polycarbonate Chairmat F7680F

109 USD

Cleartex Ultimat Chairmat is manufactured from Original Floortex Polycarbonate for the ultimate in durability

Gripper back is ideal for use on plush-pile carpets over ½″ thick

Polycarbonate will instantly go flat so no need to wait to flatten before use

Manufactured using up to 30 percent renewable energy, this 100 percent recyclable chairmat is free of phthalates, cadmium, tin and lead content

High clarity allows the beauty of flooring to shine through

It is also Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified

It has twice the impact strength of PVC to provide a highly rigid, ergonomic, easy-glide surface

Rectangular chairmat with lip protects flooring from wear and damage caused by chair casters

Lip measures 10″ x 20″.

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