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Mysterious Mutant Women's Costume 99C6E1
# 6E2E11119

Mysterious Mutant Women's Costume 99C6E1

90 USD

Do you ever wonder what kind of super power you would get if you mutated? Some people wish for tractor beam eyes, the ability to pull anything to yourself simply by willing it to come would come in handy

You’d never have to get up to get your cell phone ever again

A hairy palmed man could join the circus, the human puddle could steal secret recipes from chain restaurants. This mysterious mutant woman could do something much more dignified than swinging on a trapeze in the circus

The best we can hope for is whatever mutation that happened to us wouldn’t be some embarrassing yet useless mutation, like hairy palms. Even if you did have hairy palms but had some kind of power as well, even if you had self-brushing teeth, then life as a mutant would be pretty sweet

When you step into this mutant’s skin you’ll do anything but blend in at any party or club that you go to

Some people want the ability to breathe under water or to fly

This shiny and sheer blue jumpsuit lets you morph into the confident mutant you are

With her shining blue skin, she’d blend in with a dark sky or the blue ocean depths but wouldn’t blend into many other scenarios

Whether you decide to use your powers for good or evil you are bound to feel a little more powerful than your typical non-mutated humans

Whatever team you decide to work for you’re sure to introduce some serious mystery into the situation.

80 100