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Womens Plus Size Wonder Lady Costume 9549Dc
# F60020151

Womens Plus Size Wonder Lady Costume 9549Dc

60 USD

You need a costume

Sure, you don’t have superpowers, at least not any weird mutations or the ability to fly or super strength, although you are really good at organizing, which is basically a superpower

Use those powers of yours for good and proudly proclaim that you are a Wonder Lady and you’re here to help! You’ll be changing the world, one rescue at a time

Now we’re in agreement that you need a costume

People will be impressed by your inner strength when they see the gold gauntlets and crown

But Batman wouldn’t be nearly as intimidating to criminals without his signature cape and cowl. And then there’s you


And if any men get in your way, well, they’ll have to answer to your fast flying kicks and wonder punches

The skirt is speckled with silver stars and the cape is covered in lush red sparkles

It’s time to suit up, lady

No no, don’t argue with us, you do! Every superhero needs a costume, and you’re basically a superhero already

You think anyone would care about Superman if he walked around dressed like nerdy Clark Kent all the time? Well, they probably still would

And you’re able to deal with your mind-numbing co-workers or that friend who is always calling you for advice even though she never takes it, right? So you’re a superhero

Just say it out loud

Go get 'em, girl!

Every superhero needs a costume

It’s exciting with this sequined tank top and metallic stretchy gold accents

86 100