A Planetary Computer to Avert Environmental Disaster
If environmental reports published this year were connected to an alarm system, the sound inside the United Nation's Manhattan headquarters would be deafening—we are facing a five-alarm fire. Myriad ...

Incredible price drop on the 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle
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Australian Computer Society splashes out on four data-driven industry associations
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Four computer monitors to seriously upgrade your home office
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IBM stuffs a 53-qubit quantum computer into the cloud
IF YOU LIKE BIQ QUANTUM COMPUTERS and cannot lie, then IBM has a treat for you in the form of its Quantum Cloud. Big Blue has taken its work on quantum computing and come up with a 53-qubit machine.

IBM Unveils the Most Powerful Quantum Computer Yet
BREAKING NEWS: The whistleblower complaint about President Trump centers on Ukraine, according to people familiar with the matter. Details to come. IBM has announced that its 14th quantum computer, ...

R-Tv Box K99 Hexa-Core Marshmallow Tv Box 32Gb/us 4C5Cd3
# 542B3221

R-Tv Box K99 Hexa-Core Marshmallow Tv Box 32Gb/us 4C5Cd3

145 USD

Rockchip RK3399 CPU / 4GB RAM / Android 6.0 / 802.11a/b/g/n/ac / HDMI 2.0 / gigabit Ethernet / remote control

83 100