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Raggedy Andy Adult Plus Size Costume 55Dec9
# 0C2018110

Raggedy Andy Adult Plus Size Costume 55Dec9

55 USD

Did you know Raggedy Andy was created in 1920? That's the same year the Red Sox traded away Babe Ruth

And who out there could fight such a menace? Who could stand against this Axis of Evil? Only one man

First Andy rode to Boston, where he cursed the Red Sox, declaring «I stand before you as a raggedy doll, but you shall be a raggedy team of shattered sorrow and darkness

It’s the same year Warren G

So dress yourself as a great hero to the people with this incredible Raggedy Andy costume

And lastly, Raggedy Andy fought Prohibition by opening speakeasies around the country, eager to serve alcohol to free adults, because that’s what America means (this last fact is 100% made up, but the other two might be real, if you’re willing to view history through the proper lens)

Let people see the true, beautiful, courageous you.

President," he said, «After all your scandals, I promise you, you shall be vanquished and die in office.» In 1923, Harding did just that

No! Only one.

doll! That’s right, everyone, Raggedy Andy isn’t the hero our country deserves, but the hero we need. And that’s how, historically, Raggedy Andy rose up to defeat them and save America from becoming crumbling dust

Now begone!" Then he traveled to the White House, where he met with President Harding in the oval office

Harding won the presidential election

It will end in 2004, just because I like that number

Let it stand for 86 years

Don’t actually know much about Harding)


It’s also the same year Prohibition began! Think about it: the Curse of the Bambino, President Harding, and Prohibition

Three great evils of the world (we're assuming

91 100