Disabled Oregon woman on mobility scooter arrested after leading police on low-speed chase
A disabled Oregon woman on an electric mobility scooter was arrested and charged with leading police on a low-speed chase after officers stopped her for riding the scooter on a sidewalk without a ...

Tech company Vulog underpins expansion of shared-mobility fleets
Jose Luis Fregoso has been in the car-rental business for the better part of 18 years -- long enough to know forces are gathering to usher in rapid change throughout his industry. "We've found out ...

Concussions and broken bones on the rise in S.F. as mobility startups bring more than convenience
Last week, a person arrived at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital with a spleen laceration from getting hit by a car; another patient was treated for a broken wrist. A few hours later, two more ...

Opinion: Flying cars should have a limited role in sustainable mobility
The Pop.up next concept flying car, a hybrid vehicle that blends a self-driving car and passenger drone by Audi, italdesign and Airbus is seen during the first press day of the Geneva International ...

Woodlands Parkway project among mobility efforts on track in south Montgomery County
Work continues on the westbound lanes of The Woodlands Parkway, with construction crews fitting in rebar before pouring concrete in to create new lanes. Here, workers labor on the project near the ...

Kaye Forearm Supports For Posture Control Walker, 6 To C8A032
# Ed8015791

Kaye Forearm Supports For Posture Control Walker, 6 To C8A032

267 USD

Kaye Forearm Supports for Posture Control Walker are for users who need additional shoulder girdle support or cannot extend their arms and sustain grasp while taking weight on their arms

The forearm pads adjust in height as well as forward-backward to accommodate shoulder and arm positioning.

The hand grips are adjustable from horizontal to vertical to accommodate supination or pronation of the forearm

97 100