How to increase the font size on your Mac computer's display in 2 different ways
You can't directly increase the font size on a Mac in a font setting, but these two workarounds effectively allow you to do so. Here's how to do it.

Save hundreds on the Computer Science Master Class ($39)
Information technology is one of the most rewarding fields you can enter. And there are plenty of people vying for positions armed with expensive comp sci degrees. But you don’t necessarily need to ...

Computer simulations show human ancestors would have had an easier time giving birth than modern women
A trio of researchers with Boston University and Dartmouth College has found that one of our ancient ancestors likely had a much easier time giving birth than modern humans. In their paper ...

Australian Computer Society splashes out on four data-driven industry associations
Not-for-profit organisation Australian Computer Society (ACS) has announced the acquisition of four competing data-centric organisations, for an undisclosed amount. The ACS has scooped up Data-Driven ...

IBM Unveils the Most Powerful Quantum Computer Yet
BREAKING NEWS: The whistleblower complaint about President Trump centers on Ukraine, according to people familiar with the matter. Details to come. IBM has announced that its 14th quantum computer, ...

IBM's new 53-qubit quantum computer is its biggest yet
A close-up view of the IBM Q quantum computer. The processor is in the silver-colored cylinder. IBM's 14th quantum computer is its most powerful so far, a model with 53 of the qubits that form the ...

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