Improving Patient Outcomes Overtakes Reducing Costs as Top Priority for U.S. Health System Leaders
SOMERVILLE, N.J., Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthcare leaders from large health systems across the U.S. revealed that improving patient outcomes is a higher priority than reducing costs, ...

Exposed, Misconfigured Databases Put Patient Data at Risk
September 16, 2019 - Many healthcare provider organizations are leaving databases exposed or misconfigured, which has made it easier for hackers to obtain sensitive data, according to an IntSights ...

NHSX emphasises need for ethical patient data access
NHSX has stressed the need for ethical frameworks and guidance around patient data access as new data hubs were launched to focus on research into diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease and asthma.

NHS patient trapped in hospital ward with headless, rotting pigeon corpse outside window for NINE DAYS
A WOMAN was trapped on an NHS ward next to the rotting corpse of a headless pigeon as it festered outside her window for NINE DAYS. Lisa Aldington, 48, from Bromley was a patient at Kings College ...

Medline Advantage-Fb 2000 Foam Mattress, 36 W X 76 L 6Aa767
# A0De22544

Medline Advantage-Fb 2000 Foam Mattress, 36 W X 76 L 6Aa767

515 USD

Medline Advantage-FB 2000 Foam Mattress has Octa zoned surface sculpted topper that creates true independent load bearing cells (TILBC) to cradle each and every bony prominence, greatly reducing pressure and shear

The variable-depth sculpting provides improved comfort while simultaneously creating horizontal airflow channels to lower surface s and reduce moisture and heat buildup

Nylex top fabric is fluid proof,, flame retardant, low-friction, and anti-shear

Advantage-FB 2000 Foam Mattress Highlights: Fire barrierLatex freeLayered foam mattressWeight capacity: 350lb

99 100