Kepler, Twins earn 60th win of season in walk-off fashion
MINNEAPOLIS — After watching the Oakland Athletics stage a late rally to take the lead for the third straight game, it might have been easy for the Minnesota Twins to get frustrated. Instead, they got ...

British Open 2019 winner: Irishman Shane Lowry takes Open Championship in dominant fashion
That the final major championship of the decade ended in a rout was a bummer for those of us who wanted mayhem, but it no doubt went exactly as 2019 Open champion Shane Lowry hoped it would go. Lowry, ...

Think Tank: A Circular Future for Fashion
Global fashion production has more than doubled in the past 15 years, with consumers buying 60 percent more clothes than they did in 2002, but keeping them for only half the amount of time. ...

The Best Fashion Moments At ComplexCon Chicago
ComplexCon took place in this past weekend where streetwear designers, music artist, and influencers gathered together for the coolest activations. The 2-day-event is thrown by the popular media ...

Arthur Ryan, Who Founded the Low-Cost Fashion Chain Primark, Dies at 83
Primark now employs more than 75,000 people in 372 stores across 11 countries, including Spain, Italy and the United States. It does not have an online store, but its profits have grown even as rival ...

Why This Turkish Fashion Designer Chose A Former Synagogue For Her Runway Backdrop
This Istanbul synagogue is named after the “bangs of a bride’s hair”: “Zulf-u arus”, a classic Ottoman Turkish turn of phrase, combining both Persian and Arabic words. It’s a fitting ...

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Stainless Steel Black Enamel W/ Cz 8.5In Bracelet 8C6Ef6

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