Lectric Limited Transistor Ignition Wiring Harness/ Vtr D292F1
# 480B5434

Lectric Limited Transistor Ignition Wiring Harness/ Vtr D292F1

150 USD

  • Reproduction Of Original

For Corvette restorers one of the most important safety features your car needs is a wiring system that is in good working order

Years-old wiring that has been spliced, modified, is dry-rotted or in generally poor condition could lead to an untimely breakdown or much worse, a disastrous fire

Hand-assembled in the USA, all wiring harnesses are wrapped with the factory correct non-adhesive or cloth woven tapes, where applicable, to assure a 100% original appearance

The terminals are dip soldered, where applicable, to limit resistance voltage loss

For safety and functionality, replacing your old wiring harness with a new reproduction harness is a very smart investment

Be safe, not sorry with the correct reproduction wiring harness in your restored Corvette.
Transistorized Ignitions (TI) also known as Delcotron Transistor Control Magnetic Pulse Ignition Systems were available from the factory under RPO K66 in 1964−1971 both small and big blocks

Each harness is made with all the wires having the correct gauge and each wire is correctly color coded to match the factory wiring diagram

These special transistor controlled ignition systems where developed for high performance and racing

After, these system could be bought as an over the counter part from your local GM dealership

Eckler’s offers the very best in reproduction harnesses for your Corvette

All the connectors and terminals are identical to the originals

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