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Axiom 100Ft Cat6A Bendnflex Ultra-Thin Snagless Patch Cable - Category Df6D37
# 153023137

Axiom 100Ft Cat6A Bendnflex Ultra-Thin Snagless Patch Cable - Category Df6D37

65 USD

Axiom''s BENDnFLEX™ product line combines high-performance CAT6A copper cables with an ultra thin, bend-insensitive casing

Empowering efficient connectivity while extending current IT infrastructure across a variety of technology platforms, Axiom BENDnFLEX™ simplifies installation and enables more uptime with less troubleshooting

Available in pre-terminated, standard lengths the BENDnFLEX™ product line provides a high-performance 10Gbps CAT6A cable that can sustain large capacity data rates even under acute bend environments

? Space-saving design provides a 38% reduction in diameter compared to standard CAT6A cables? Reduced diameter allows increased air flow which in turn increases energy efficiency and cost savings? Small bend radius allows for tight twists and turns superior to standard CAT6A cables? Minimizes near-end crosstalk (NEXT) levels? Clear snagless connector designed for easy insertion and removal and prevents unwanted snags? Ideal solution for high density datacenter applications? ROHS Compliant? TAA Compliant? Made in the USA

89 100