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Plus Size A League Of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume 886A27
# 985A11202

Plus Size A League Of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume 886A27

60 USD

You’ve always been drawn to the characters who are more of an...acquired taste

You’ll need to provide your own cleats (and chewing tobacco)

So whether you go solo to a pal’s Halloween party or show up with the entire crew of the Rockford Peaches, you can’t go wrong gracing the scene as Jimmy Dugan

We’re just trying to get you ready because when you wear this A League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume in Men’s Plus Size out to a party, every single person will expect you to recite what is inarguably the best line in that movie

And Jimmy Dugan is no exception! The lovable (and at times loathesome) coach from A League of Their Own is one of those classic film characters that will never die--as classic as baseball itself. So get ready to say it with us now: There’s no crying in baseball! Say it again

So grab Dottie, Kit, Mae, Doris, Evelyn, Helen, Shirley, Ellen Sue, Marla, Betty «Spaghetti,» and (sigh) yes, even Stewie and get ready for a night the likes of which Miss Cuthburt would definitely not approve

But don’t use the «no crying in baseball» gig as a pick-up line; we doubt it will work

This licensed look includes the baseball top and pants, knee socks, cap, and even a belt

So you owe it to your waiting fans to get it right

And again

And though we know you and Dottie seem into each other, you may want to scan the field tonight and scout for new prospects--after all, she’s married

96 100