Camaro Body Floor Insulation Kit, Complete, Hushmat 1Dabb3
# 59157513

Camaro Body Floor Insulation Kit, Complete, Hushmat 1Dabb3

360 USD

  • Reduces Heat By 40% And Interior Noise By 50%
  • Reduces Road Noise And Dramatically Improves Thermal Insulation To Create A Super Quiet And Easy To Cool Interior Compartment
  • Includes Insulation For Headliner, Floors, Doors & Quarters
  • Easy To Install-Just Trim, Peel And Apply
  • Easy To Cut/WIll Not Dull Scissors Or Knife
  • Aluminum And Urethane Composite Material
  • Easy To Form Shape And Apply To All Interior Body Panels
  • Includes (30) 12 x 23 Insulation Tiles, 58 SqFt

    No need to spend time cleaning the surface it will be applied to as HushMat will adhere to most any surface with no cleaning or glue needed

    Just fit, trim if needed, peel and stick

  • Insulation R Value 7

Tired of a hot, noisy 1967−1969 Camaro classic? The way to solve those two problems is with a HushMat insulation kit from Rick’s Camaros

Easy to install, HushMat is self-adhesive and will stick to any interior surface you apply it to

HushMat insulation will keep the heat out, your air conditioning in and will greatly reduce exhaust, road, engine, rear end noise and vibration as well

It comes in easy-to-handle squares instead of large, hard-to-handle rolls or sheets

HushMat trims easily with scissors or a box knife so no special tools are needed

It is constructe

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